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Beauty Best Of Lifestyle People 12. Juni 2023

Inspired by Mats & Monica von L:a Bruket

Mit größtem Respekt vor der Natur, Pflegeprodukte zu schaffen: Das ist die Mission von L:a Bruket. Und das gelingt dem Unternehmen aus Varberg an der Küste Schwedens hervorragend. Diese Jahr feiern sie 15-jähriges Bestehen.

Inwiefern die Natur die beiden Gründer Mats Johansson und Monica Kylén inspiriert, was ihre persönlichen Lieblingsprodukte sind und was sie vor 15 Jahren dazu bewegt hat, L:a Bruket zu gründen, haben sie uns im Interview verraten.

When I think of Sweden, nature immediately comes to my mind. In what way are you inspired by nature and how is it integrated into L:a Bruket care products? 

When I think of Sweden, nature immediately springs to mind. It plays a fundamental role in our daily lives, we have been brought up with it, it’s influencing who we are as individuals and contributing to our overall well-being. This profound connection with nature is an integrated part of the essence of L:a Bruket. My vision is rooted in the Swedish lifestyle, which values authenticity, quality, and simplicity. Specifically, I draw inspiration from how the people of Varberg for generations have approached health, sea-bathing culture, and general well-being.

Unfortunately, many individuals, living in urban environments around the globe, have become disconnected from nature. To bridge this gap, I draw upon our rich history of kurbad (spa) practices and traditional treatments that have been passed down through generations. My goal is to reestablish that connection through our modern, natural, and organic skincare and body care solutions that resonate with contemporary individuals.

At L:a Bruket, we believe in tailoring each product to perfection in terms of function and texture. While we don’t rely on a specific core ingredient that runs through our entire product line, we extensively explore the use of seaweed, algae, sea salt, vegetable herbs, oils, butters, and fermented ingredients. The common thread among all our active ingredients is that they are grown and sourced from the sea or land here in Sweden whenever possible.

They are natural and/or organic, chosen for their functional properties that contribute to improving skin health. These ingredients are carefully selected for their ability to interact with one another, forming combinations that amplify the overall effectiveness of our minimalistic formulas.

To create a distinct and powerful connection with nature, we incorporate essential oils into our products for their aromatherapy dimension and fragrance expression. This results in a deeply immersive and personal aroma experience when using our products, providing an immediate and intense connection to nature, quite different from what you would typically receive from traditional skin care products.

As a testament to the significance of nature and our commitment to giving back what we take from nature, we are contributing a portion of our revenue to Swedish associations active in the long-term preservation of nature. Through the initiative “Forest Pledge”, a portion of our sales goes to Naturarvet and is dedicated to the preservation of untouched, mature forests for the benefit of future generations. The initiative “Sea Pledge” contributes a part of the sales to CleanSea who is recycling plastic waste by collecting it from Swedish shores.

Our treatments feature formulations that prioritize natural and organic ingredients, with many being COSMOS certified. Furthermore, our materials are recyclable, and we offer refill options for various products such as face and body cleansers, shampoos, and candles, extending the lifespan of our packaging.

L:a Bruket has a range of products for the hair, body and face. What are your personal favorites and can you give us some advice about the perfect skincare routine? 

Certainly! When it comes to the perfect skincare routine, our brand emphasizes the power of exactly that, routines. We believe that valuing each step of your skincare regimen is crucial for restoring skin health in a gentle and effective manner. This is the advice we offer to individuals seeking optimal skincare.

Our intention is for you to experience the sensation of a spa-at-home using our products through a 15-minute bodycare or skincare routine. We are dedicated to crafting memorable experiences by incorporating distinctive textures and captivating scents into our products. Our goal is to ensure that your skincare routine becomes a cherished and delightful part of your daily life and a well-deserved reward to yourself.

In addition to the physical benefits, I believe that skincare rituals offer a wonderful opportunity to take care of yourself and focus on your needs. They provide a precious moment to escape from the world and find inner peace. The sensorial and tactile aspects of these rituals are essential, as they create an emotional connection and make the experience truly memorable. The bathroom serves as a safe space where anyone can find their personal balance, embracing their emotions and vulnerabilities, and embracing a healthier lifestyle.

Drawing a parallel to my work with pottery, I find it therapeutic and creative. It allows me to escape from the world for a while and find solace. Similarly, a skincare routine can bring increased self-confidence and improved inner peace as you prioritize self-care and embrace the present moment.

You are celebrating 15 years of L:a Bruket. What was your mission when you started back in the days? 

In the past, our mission revolved around using the finest ingredients and maintaining a genuine and transparent connection with our customers. This has evolved into the current mission of our brand is to share the Swedish culture and lifestyle, offering a holistic approach to self-care that is accessible to individuals worldwide.

Varberg, the city where I reside, holds a special place as an iconic spa destination on the rugged west coast of Sweden. The city’s rich bathing culture and traditional remedies served as a profound inspiration for the brand I envisioned. I noticed a gap in the market for a high-quality brand that offered extraordinary experiences, blending the Swedish natural lifestyle, traditional remedies, and a contemporary approach. Motivated by this realization and driven by my personal needs living in this coastal region, I decided to bring this brand to life.

We are very happy to have a store in Berlin. Are there more stores in planning and what are your next company goals? 

We have 6 international L:a Bruket stores today : 1 in Berlin, 2 in Sweden, 2 in Paris and 1 in Hong-Kong.

Our primary focus moving forward is to further expand our biotech portfolio and harness its potential to enhance our range of premium skincare products. It offers numerous exciting possibilities, and we are committed to exploring and utilizing them. To achieve this, we will continue to actively pioneer biotech development by initiating new research projects in collaboration with both new and established laboratories, suppliers, and connections.

In the near future, we will introduce new products that will contribute to the advancements in natural beauty. We will continue to launch superior face care products, ensuring that our brand covers all the skincare needs expected from a premium beauty brand. Additionally, biotech advancements have influenced our ambitions for our new body & face care products. You can anticipate the unveiling of these innovative products later this season.

At L:a Bruket, we firmly believe that biotech represents the forward-thinking and sustainable direction of the beauty industry. Combining sustainably sourced Swedish natural ingredients with biotechnology, our facecare formulas offer both effectiveness and environmental consciousness. By utilizing these ingredients, we can preserve natural ecosystems while delivering scientifically proven results.

Simultaneously, we remain dedicated to exploring the rich culture, traditions, and nature of Sweden. This year, as we celebrate our 15th anniversary, we are launching skincare innovations and brand campaigns that promote our Swedish culture. As always, the brand will reconnect you with nature, as we prioritize the holistic connection between our skincare and the natural world.

Having successfully established in South Korea, the brand has moved beyond its initial stages. Following the opening of a boutique in Hong Kong and a strong entry into the Japanese market in 2022, the brand is now preparing to launch a presence in Thailand at the luxury Siam Paragon department store and a new store in Taipei this upcoming summer of 2023.

You seem to perfectly master the bridge between organic skincare with innovation. What is your secret?  

At L:a Bruket, we embrace scientific innovation and place a strong focus on biotech advancements that align with our philosophy and support our commitment to maintaining a natural approach. We believe that „natural“ and „lab-grown“ are not mutually exclusive concepts. In fact, we see biotechnology as the progressive extension of scientific innovation within the realm of natural beauty.

We recognize that the future of eco-designed cosmetic innovation lies in the fusion of nature and science, where we can find the best solutions for skincare while ensuring the restoration of our precious resources. Biotechnology plays a crucial role in this pursuit by allowing us to recreate specific properties found in living organisms such as coastal plants, algae, and trees, which offer remarkable benefits for skin health.

While natural resources are limited, biotechnology opens up infinite possibilities. It provides undeniable benefits, preserves biodiversity, and enables us to cultivate living ingredients without exerting pressure on nature.

Through our extensive research, we have discovered new and rare bio-tech-developed molecules that have been scientifically proven to deliver powerful improvements to the skin’s cellular ecosystem. We combine these innovative molecules with pure natural ingredients inspired by the Swedish landscape, which are renowned for their traditional active properties. Together, they form unique molecular associations that enhance the effects of our traditional ingredients, amplifying their ability to improve skin health while ensuring optimal tolerance.

Sustainability plays a huge part in Sweden. What does sustainability mean to you and how is it part of your everyday life? 

Sustainability holds a fundamental place in our company’s philosophy. We believe in working harmoniously with nature, rather than against it. It is a guiding principle that permeates our everyday lives.

In our pursuit of sustainability, we are constantly exploring and researching innovative techniques for future packaging solutions. We recognize that this is an ongoing process that requires us to continually challenge ourselves.

Currently, we are actively working on reducing the overall number of packaging units we produce. We achieve this through various initiatives, such as implementing refill solutions, incorporating recycled materials, and optimizing freight to minimize our environmental footprint.

Sustainability is not just a concept for us; it is a conscious and integral part of our daily practices. We remain dedicated to finding innovative ways to minimize our environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

We are proud to announce that our products have obtained COSMOS certification, a rigorous and stringent certification that guarantees the authenticity of our organic and natural cosmetics. This certification ensures that our products are manufactured using clean processes that prioritize the well-being of both individuals and biodiversity, while adhering to the highest standards of sustainability. On average, our COSMOS certified products contain 99% natural ingredients, showcasing our dedication to maintaining a harmonious balance between naturality, effectiveness, and sensory experience.

By obtaining COSMOS certification, we aim to provide our customers with the assurance that our products meet the highest standards of organic and natural cosmetics while prioritizing the health of our planet. In addition, as we previously mentioned, we proudly contribute a portion of our revenue to support two Swedish organizations: Naturarvet and CleanSea. By supporting these associations, we actively participate in safeguarding our natural environment, promoting sustainability, and working towards a cleaner and greener future.

We take great pride in incorporating biotechnology into our practices at L:a Bruket. Our main goal is to support cultivation methods that have no negative impact on nature. By multiplying and producing ingredients in a controlled laboratory setting enabling a circular production cycle, we minimize water consumption and reduce the land space needed for traditional farming. This approach enables us to meet the demand for ingredients sustainably, while also reducing our environmental footprint.

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