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Feuilleton Musik 16. Februar 2018

Unterwegs mit The Bongo Club

Wie die Zeit vergeht. Nächstes Jahr ist es auch schon wieder 20 Jahre her, dass schwedische Bands wie Mando Diao die Indie- und Brit-Pop-Herzen weltweit schneller schlagen ließen. Auch wir waren große Fans. Umso schöner, dass wir vor kurzem über eine Band stolpern durften, die die Gefühle von damals wieder wach rufen. Mit „Anybody Have A Lighter?“ veröffentlichen die Schweden The Bongo Club am 23. Februar ihr neues Album – und wir finden es großartig.

Aber nicht nur von der Qualität der Platte durften wir uns noch vor dem Release überzeugen – abgemischt wurde die Scheibe übrigens von Owen Morris (Oasis, The Verve, Kaiser Chiefs, Ash, The View) – die Jungs teilten auch ihre 5 Lieblingsorte mit uns. Diesmal geht es nach Borås, dem Heimatort von The Bongo Club

Album Cover: The Bongo Club – Anybody have a lighter?

Ryssby – Viewing point

Borås is a small city, # 15 in Sweden given the number of people living here. It’s found deep down in a valley, with big hills of forrest surrounding it. There are a couple of spots on these hills surrounding Borås that holds a magnificent view. Ryssby is perhaps the most dramatic one and got a stunning view over the city. A couple of songs has been written about Ryssby by people who live here and, just like us, probably feel the intense vibe of that place. We got there a lot, for different reasons: to get some privacy, for contemplation, for drinking, a romantic date, hanging out and just feeling free. It’s really cool.

Jonatans apartment – The home „tattoo studio“

Since maybe a year ago our drummer (Jonatan) decided that he wanted to do tattoos. Without any practice or actual knowledge about it he just ordered the stuff he needed online and started carving ink into our friends for free. The first ones he did was shaky and of questionable quality but people seemed to dig his style and spirit of it all, so they keept coming back. His apartment has now become somewhat of a private studio and he is making progress for every tattoo he finishes! Check out @mcsnakeboy to see a little more what this is all about. The Ryssby-tattoo on my leg was done by him.

Wisers Pub / Viva Nightclub

Pretty much the obvious place to go to when out in Borås. It’s a waterhole where our crowd can be found – the music is mostly good, a bit more alternative than other places in town, and we usually show up for the weekly Quiz-night. The pub is connected to Viva Nightclub – a separate room where you can rave around and shake your ass if you’re into that sort of business. We’re having our release show for the new album here on March 10th, so make sure to catch it if you have your way around Borås!


A big yellow building with its name translated as „The Rock Castle“. This is the place where we and a lot of other great friends and bands rehearse, so we obviously spend A LOT of time here. It’s a very old, quite charming house that used to host a lot of cool concerts too and most of us in the band have been involved in booking, promoting and putting up shows here.


A big park in the middle of the city just side to side from Rockborgen. Hard to say how many hours that has been spent here during summer. The obvious go-to spot for listening to music in the sun, drinking and just being with friends. On a sunny day you just have to go here. If the others aren’t already there it’s only a matter of time before they start showing up. A starter pack for a successful visit would be some cans of beer, cigarettes, a blanket, sunglasses, that’s pretty much it. See ya there some time!


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