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Feuilleton Fotografie 14. Mai 2021

Print Matters: Playful (Berlin)

Wir lieben Print Magazine. Umso nischiger, umso besser. Und genau aus diesem Grund stellen wir euch ab sofort auf Blog.Bohème Blattmacher vor, die keine Arbeit und Mühe scheuen, großartige Magazine zu veröffentlichen. Wie zum Beispiel Amanda und Felip Sandstrom Beijer, die beiden Köpfe hinter Playful aus Berlin.

1. How did you come up with the idea of launching a print magazine in 2019?

The need of Playful came directly from us. As expats in Berlin we found it hard to come ’under the skin’ of the whole underground scene that interested us. We were looking for some media that introduced us on a deeper level, and there was nothing. Although we have known from the start that Playful is first and foremost a concept – a platform, and then Playful has a magazine.

2. What´s the concept of Playful?

The concept with the magazine is to introduce Berlin through the artists who are living here. We get to know more about why they choose to live and work in Berlin, and the fact is that many of them decided to be creative/ work within a creative field after they moved here, which shows that there’s something with the energy in this city. But then ’like attracts like’ and that’s why it’s important that the people who work in the culture segment and within the creative field, supports each other – something that many would agree about that the Berliners are quite good at doing.

It’s not so much the ’elbow thing’ in this city. It’s also with this mentality we will look for- and find ways on how we can create opportunities that makes it possible to earn a living as an artist. Speaking of, this is something that Playful is actually creating a platform for at this very moment, and also an answer to the previous question – Playful is a platform that is inspired by creative people who chose a path and follows it without questioning if it ’really is possible’ and we want to support them.

3. Is social media destroying creativity?

Social media is just a tool, although the tool is pretty limited. It’s difficult to get your whole creativity shown through Social Media within many professions. It’s so controlled and the ones who control it doesn’t like woman, is scared of female nipples and hates sex workers, or hates that they loves and can’t control maybe..? The worst part is that I really love Social Media, and it makes me feel creative in many ways. I’m just angry about how much power it has over me sometimes.

For example: Playful’s Instagram got deleted some weeks ago and I was broken for a week, and felt sad, stressed and actually pretty devastated. But then life moves on, and you can only hope someone will create a platform with common sence, although that still isn’t filled with sex bots.

4. Who would you most like to have on the cover in the future?

Oumi Janta!

5. Can you complete the sentence in some words? Print is …

paper. No, I understand what you mean, but not all print is valuable. There is very much that excited me about good print though, and when it’s good, it’s good.

6. Which three magazines do you think people should know and why?

Ouff, that’s tough. I would actually really recommend people to look into Digital Newsstands as well. One of my favorites is PressReader. There are so many amazing magazines there, and it’s even free with a library card. But then of course – when you find a magazine you love, get the delicious print.

Besides magazines there are so many amazing independent print books by writers, photographers and all kinds of creatives. One of the resent I really enjoyed was Spyros Rennts ’Lust Surrender’.

7. If you could change something in Berlin, what would it be?

Hard to say, but a lot of people who are from this city or have lived here for a long time have told me that Berlin needs to stay „cheap and sexy“, I guess they know what they’re talking about.

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