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Design Interior Lifestyle 20. November 2023

Inspired by Ludvig Ungewitter und Sweef

Satte Rabatte zum Black Friday sucht man bei Sweef vergebens: Der schwedische Möbelhersteller hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, Möbel und insbesondere Sofas herzustellen, die eine hohe Qualität besitzen und für die Ewigkeit gemacht sind. Deshalb gibt es auch unzählige Konfigurationen, um das persönliche Traumsofa zu gestalten. Wir sprachen mit Gründer Ludvig Ungewitter über den ersten deutschen Showroom in Berlin, was für ihn das perfekte Sofa ausmacht und was er für die Zukunft geplant hat.

Dear Ludvig, you’re dedicated to build Sweden’s coziest furniture at Sweef with a focus on sustainability. Can you tell us more about your manufacturing process?

We do 80% of the furniture after customers have made the order. That let us customize in more ways. We have focused on very deep and soft sofas. Since we are not doing Black Friday, discounts and only sell with very good quality we have a return rate of under 0,5% which is unheard of in this business.

I imagine it’s difficult to create and build a brand from scratch. What is your background and what inspired you to found Sweef?

It takes time to build from scratch. I didn’t know anything about furniture but I had experience with retail, logistics and ecommerce. Some ideas for Sweef like the transparency and simplicity was there from the beginning but other things like the design and culture has developed over the years.

© Sweef

There are endless brands that specialize in furniture. What do you do differently? 

We have been very good at doing our thing. We are not afraid in any way of not succeeding so we can always sell the morally right way and not the way for easy sales. Our customers understand this and it makes it very clear who we are. There are many competitors who sell with resellers and we have a great advantage to them in that we sell with our website only which gives us the ability to have a much lower price to the end customer.

You offer various styles, fabrics and shapes of sofas. Do you have any tips on how to find the perfect sofa?

If you know what you like, we only need a few things to give the correct suggestion. But its simple on our website because we like everything we sell. Customers have different needs but all sofas are perfect in some sense that we sell. If they are not we take them away or change them so that they are.

© Sweet

What inspires you and motivates you in your daily life and what do you like most about your job?

It’s the small things. We have never seen any shortcuts and we try to do constant improvements everywhere. The best with my job is to see how all small changes do bigger changes over time.

You recently opened a showroom in Berlin. Are there any other showrooms planned in other countries? 

Yes it is but not for at least 1-2 years. We are so small in Germany so now we want to reach out in a better way.

What’s the future of Sweef like? 

We have made a change of all systems and just entered Germany so the plan now is to work with these things and evolve them. After that we have a plan to expand to more countries in Europe with the ones around Germany in the European Union as a start.

© Sweef

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