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Design Fashion People 21. März 2023

Inspired by Sebastian Westin und Daniel Sandqvist

SANDQVIST wurde im Jahr 2004 in Stockholm von Anton Sandqvist gegründet. Zusammen mit seinem Bruder Daniel und Sebastian Westin sind sie die Seele hinter der Marke.

Vor kurzem öffnete Sandqvist mit dem Anspruch auf Wiederverwendung in Berlin Mitte erneut seine Türen. Der Stil ist definiert durch skandinavische und minimalistische Akzente, wofür Sandqvist mit der Berliner Innenarchitektin und Möbeldesignerin Katrin Greiling zusammengearbeitet hat. Anlass genug, um uns mit mit Daniel und Sebastian zum Interview zu verabreden, um unter anderem über Nachhaltigkeit, Inspiration und die Zukunft des Labels zu sprechen.

Dear Daniel & Sebastian, can you please tell us how you came up to found Sandqvist? What hurdles did you face as a brand taking off?

We are three founders at Sandqvist. There was me, and then Daniel and Anton, who are brothers (Sandqvist). The three of us grew up in the same little village in the middle of Sweden. It was Anton who stitched the first bag in old deadstock tarpaulin fabric in his basement in 2004.

So many hurdles in the beginning, and there still are and I don’t think there will be less hurdles moving forward, but of course different ones. I’d say that production and development was the hardest thing in the beginning, it’s complicated when you are a small brand to find good suppliers. Being just three people, without any knowledge about the industry is fun, but also hard work. Now it’s a different thing when we have so many great people in the company.

Sustainability is a central theme for you. What does that mean at Sandqvist? Is it difficult to combine a high quality standard with sustainability?

It’s not difficult at all, we just have to go that little extra mile in everything we do. Sustainability is in our DNA, and has always been. For us it’s everything from work life balance, fabrics, workers rights, chemicals and brand values.

Where do you personally find inspiration for your collections?

Our core comes from the Nordic landscapes, that’s where we find our inspiration. From the soaring mountains to the deep rivers. This season’s inspiration comes from the hour of the wolf. The time up north, between sunrise and sunset.

Which essentials are indispensable for you in your closet?

Trousers, t-shirt, underwear, socks and jackets.

Scandinavian style is known for combining functionality with design. To what extent does your home country influence you in the process of creating the collections?

We make bags for every moment, inspired by the great outdoors but made mostly for the urban everyday lifestyle. So it has to be practical and functional, but at the same time look great, work for its purpose and last for a long time.

What does the future hold for Sandqvist?

The future looks bright, we believe that the need for long lasting and responsible made bags are here to stay. We have some really fun projects coming up, some “surprising” collaborations and of course our 20 years anniversary 2024.

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