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Fashion Lifestyle People 21. Oktober 2022

Inspired by Luca Faloni

Kaschmir ist leicht, weich und warm und einer der Klassiker bei Luca Faloni. Das italienische Menswear-Label setzt auf zeitlose Mode, die aus feinsten Naturmaterialien besteht. In kleinen familiengeführten Betrieben in Italien wird jedes Stück handgefertigt und überzeugt durch seine Langlebigkeit.

Wir sprachen mit Gründer Luca Faloni über Slow Fashion, welches Kleidungsstück in der Garderobe des Mannes nicht fehlen darf und was „Made in Italy“ für ihn bedeutet.

Your designs are celebrating a „Made in Italy“ feeling. What exactly is this lifestyle all about and in what way does this reflect your sense of fashion?

‘Made in Italy feeling’ celebrates the modern, successful man who enjoys travel for both business and pleasure. He is elegant, carefully assembling outfits that favor classic cuts and curating stylish yet functional everyday looks. He is the man running to a meeting, dropping his child off at school or socializing with his friends. He is subtly elegant while taking care of dressing properly, but without following fashion seasonality.

Cashmere, wool, leather, silk and linen: What makes those materials so essential for your collections and what do you think about non-natural fabrics?

Natural fabrics and fine materials are our specialty, it’s what inspires our designs each season, focusing on the best available materials. Cashmere for instance is light, soft and warm that bridge to mind vintage ski holiday vibes. Linen is breathable, lightweight and gives me a sense of nostalgia for warm summer evenings. Silk-cotton and the other blends are the perfect capsule for Autumn and Spring. For these reasons we do not use non-natural fabrics, not only are they bad for the environment but they do not offer the premium quality and feeling that natural fibers offer.

© Luca Faloni

I imagine it takes quite a while to produce for example a cashmere sweater. Can you tell us more about the design and fabric sourcing process?

When researching fabrics for our collections, we work with samples that we test extensively to ensure they are the best quality. This is an ongoing process and to ensure high standards testing is key. Design is another extensive process; we hold in-depth focus groups and get feedback directly from the customers to learn and develop from it. We focus on details for instance the length of the zip, the type of buttons, the collar etc. We see ourselves as product specialists, we refine every season rather than launching a new product.

Speaking of slow fashion: What is your approach towards a more sustainable fashion industry? And do you believe in clothing that lasts a lifetime?

We only use natural fibers to create a permanent high-quality collection that lasts for many seasons. Our great product quality, the long-lasting fabrics and durability of our materials ensure that our products can be worn for many years. We also focus on colors that are always in fashion and transcend seasons, so they can be worn all year around. E.g. our brushed cotton shirt can be worn by itself during summer for a light and airy look, it is the perfect transitional piece paired with a jumper in autumn or can easily be styled with chunky cardigan knitwear and a coat in winter.

© Luca Faloni

What clothing pieces are essential in a man’s wardrobe in your opinion?

For me a nice high-quality shirt is a key essential in a man’s wardrobe. Our soon to be launched cashmere cotton shirt will bring understated luxury to one’s wardrobe and is an elegant year round staple. Sophisticated layers like a zip cardigan that can be worn by itself or paired with different under layers are another wardrobe staple for me. Worn with our super soft silk-cashmere mock neck or our brera piqué polo shirt one is able to create a versatile look. I also consider transitional pieces that can bridge a day night look as key items in my wardrobe.

Is fashion something you always had a passion for and what is your background?

I grew up in Italy surrounded by a strong culture of artisanal craftsmanship and quality of fabrics and always had a sense for fashion. It was only when I moved abroad, that I realized the quality and style I took for granted was something rare and less accessible elsewhere. I also noticed that many Italian brands were abandoning the local artisans. The idea was born to fuse exceptional Italian craftsmanship and style, with modern distribution channels, to make great products easily available worldwide and provide stronger value to the customer.

© Luca Faloni

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